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Wireless communication and control systems have three main underpinnings: 1) electronics, 2) communication theory and protocols, and 3) antennas. A communications engineer sees the “channel” through the antenna connector. However, this channel actually represents the combined effect of the propagation environment (medium, obstacles, topography, etc.) and the antenna system. Thus, the construction (static) and operation (dynamic) of the antenna system can actually affect this channel.

Communication system designers often regard the antenna system as a necessary evil, specify it in some intuitive manner, and outsource its design and manufacturing. Antenna providers used to receiving specification and designing the antenna system to meet those. It is thus often the case that nobody sees the full picture and understands it well enough, resulting in major problems and/or very costly solutions.


Oftentimes, even the performance goals are decided without careful thinking. For example, one sets out to maximize the average attainable data rate whereas the true needs of the application call for the maximization of the probability with which a required data rate can be achieved. Moreover, many designers don’t understand the true reason underlying communication problems. For example, in an indoor environment the problem is often self-interference of the signal (short-distance multipath fading) rather than attenuation of walls.



Pulsicom is unique, being a systems-oriented antenna solutions provider. Its core expertise is at the two extremes: antennas and propagation, and systems. Yet, it knows enough about communication and electronics in order to “cross the bridge” and understand the issues at hand. With this, Pulsicom is often an invaluable contributor, complementing the knowledge and capabilities of its partners and providing the all-so-critical “glue”: the systems viewpoint and cross-disciplinary understanding. Specifically, it provides the following:

  • Assistance in understanding the true needs of the communication system.
  • An understanding of the characteristic of the propagation environment and, based on this and the system’s needs and constraints, specification of the antenna system.
  • Design of the antenna system (and at times also related circuits and operation algorithms), combining unparalleled experience and expertise with ingenuity and resourcefulness to come up with innovative, competitive and cost-effective solutions.
  • Pulsicom possesses very good simulation tools and knowhow, used both for gaining a better understanding of the issues at hand and in order to expedite the design process, resulting in solutions that usually work very well in the first attempt. This reduces time to market as well as cost, and ensures that the resulting designs are robust (using sensitivity simulation tests).


Business model

Pulsicom is a “participative” sub-contractor, being involved in parts of the system specification and then designing and providing its part of the system. It charges a fee for its non-recurring expenditure, followed by a per-unit fee for the part of the system that it contributes. Pulsicom is nonetheless flexible when it comes to who actually produces its designs, in the interest of enabling the most cost-effective construction of the end product.

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